If you collect all the awesomness in the world and put it together, you get Spinub!
Haha no I am just joking with you.
You need a way more.

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Customizable edit fields

Choose from 14 field types to provide each database field with the correct design.

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Customizable lists

You can choose columns to display for each table. Each list view has useful functions such as an Excel exporter.

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Auto configurate Laravel CMS

Your Laravel database structure is recognized and Spinub will automatically apply the most logical configuration.

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Edit relations

Spinub automatically recognizes your database table relations and configures Spinub so that you can use it immediately. If you want to make adjustments to this, you can do so via the relation manager!\

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Spinub CMS with your own domain name

You can add your own domain name which you can use to access your CMS.

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Spinub CMS with uploading files

It is possible to connect Spinub CMS to the storage folder of the application. This is done using an FTP or SFTP connection. The file name is stored in the corresponding database field.

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Work with teams

If you create a Spinub CMS account you will be automatically part of a team. It is possible to use the same account in more then one team. Let's say you are using it for your work but also use it for private projects. You can easily switch between teams and projects.

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Work with clients

You can easily add CMS users without admin rights. These users can only log in to that CMS.

User rights Released soon

Spinub gives you the opportunity to create different rights and groups for your different members.

APIReleased soon

Spinub gives the possibility to add endpoints that are called at different actions. This way you can start an action within your application, for example.