SAAS CMS vs custom CMS

Spinub CMS

Below are 5 reasons why a SAAS CMS is in most cases better than making a customised CMS.

1.  Building

When creating an application, a large part of the work consists of building a CMS or management environment. This is of course a shame because you would have liked to spend this time in other parts of the project.

2. Maintaining

Maintaining a CMS is often difficult. This is because a separate content management system is often set up for each customer. Because of this you will have to deal with version differences. If there suddenly appears to be an error in the CMS software, this must be applied for all customers within a considerable time. With SAAS solution you will not be bothered by this, there is only one version running to which all your projects are connected.

3. Hosting

There are many disadvantages to setting up content management systems on your own server. For example, you have to create a hosting instance for each customer, which takes a lot of time to set up this. Storing the CMS costs disk space. But perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that you have to keep the server secure. A SAAS application runs on the server of the SAAS party. They have a specially equipped environment for this that can handle a lot of traffic and is designed for optimum safety. In general, SAAS systems are safer and more secure than customised solutions or free solutions that need to be installed on the server.

4. Problems

CMS systems are often complex and contain many functions. If this is not well put together or if many extensions are being done, then problems may arise. This is of course annoying and must be solved as soon as possible. The advantage of a SAAS system is that many users around the world use the software. If there is a problem, it will be discovered and corrected quickly. The chance that you or your client will encounter a problem is minimal. In addition, SAAS systems are set up in such a way that there is a budget for conducting tests before a new functionality is launched.

5. Focus

Because you no longer have to worry about building, maintaining, hosting or problems with a CMS, you have a lot of time left. You can then spend this time in the things that you are good at, which you like and which you can earn money with. Using a SAAS system relieves you of a lot of your worries.

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